Mezcal Barrel-Aged Mexican Coffee

$ 25.00 USD

Una taza de cafe por favor! When we saw the mezcal barrel on the list of fun barrels from one of our suppliers, we were a little curious. When John went and smelled it for the first time, we got a little excited. When we tasted the freshly roasted single origin Mexican beans that we aged in it, we were elated! The Mexican Altura coffee, which literally translates to "high grown", is from the Chiapas region of Mexico near the Guatemalan border. The volcanic activity in the region has provided fertile soil that delivers unique nutrients to the coffee plants, which helps them flower. Coffee from this region is known for its distinct "candy bar" characteristics- nutty sweetness, chocolate, and gentle fruitiness. Aging these beans in the high quality mezcal barrel accentuated all of these flavors, and adds a mild smokiness with some floral notes. Perfectly roasted to a medium profile by Quills in Louisville, this offering will definitely have you saying "Ole!"

Cocoa, Blackberry, Black Tea, Nutty

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