The Peach Julep Cocktail Blend

$ 25.00 USD

Just in time for Derby! Some of our wonderful partners were able to find us an ex-bourbon peach bitters barrel, and we knew that we had to do something special with it. We took the barrel and loaded it up with some Ethiopian beans, and we then let them rest for a few weeks until they were just kissed with the aromatic profile of the barrel. We then took those beans and blended them with our Peerless bourbon barrel-aged El Salvadorian beans and had them roasted up to a medium roast profile. This incredible coffee reminds us of a sunny springtime afternoon, and it would be perfect for kicking back and watching your favorite pony make a lap around the track. We taste notes of peach wheel candy, pecans, and bourbon balls. This limited offering in our cocktail series is a one-time release and is only available in a very limited quantity, so get yours today before it's gone forever!

Peach Wheel Candy, Bourbon Ball, Pecans

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